The Hair 4orce Salon

460 B Central Ave
07018 East Orange
New Jersey, NJ
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(862) 704-6018
40.758494, -74.2199
Opening hours
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    10.00 - 19.00
  • Wednesday
    10.00 - 19.00
  • Thursday
    10.00 - 19.00
  • Friday
    10.00 - 19.00
  • Saturday
    06.30 - 18.00
  • Sunday
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17. Nov 2017 at 7:18

Although the owner Grace can do hair she is so unprofessional! Prior to my first hair appointment we discussed what I wanted and how much it would cost. After getting my hair done she told me $80 more than what she originally advised. I don't understand how someone can tediously break down the cost of a weave. There's a charge for the sew-in of course but then she wants $25/$30 more for a net (which I don't use), a closure is plus $50 and to curl is $30. She came down on her price because she knew she told me the cost of the sew in but never told me during the time of discussion the closure and curl would be another charge. The cost was a few dollars more I'd pay my far away beautician so I was okay. She really slayed my hair so o considered giving her another chance.The second time I had a 10am appointment. When I arrived in my Uber on the opposite side of the street the gate was still down. At 10:02 I finally decided to just get out and wait out front with the other person that was waiting. This lady came outside laughing from a discussion she was having in the barbershop next door and had the audacity to tell me I was two minutes late. I had to wait for her to pull her gate up, check her mail, bless her shop and find some music to put on. This all took another 10/15 minutes. After getting my wash she tried to tell me I was second because the other girl also had a 10am appointment and she arrived first. I had a plane to catch so I shut that down quickly. This time I was disappointed because my curls looked NOTHING like the first time and I was taking my boyfriend away for his birthday. When I moved around the corner from her I decided to once again give her another chance. I had a 12pm appointment. I had things to do until 4pm and was going to reschedule but I hate to waste people's time so I stuck to the appointment instead of cancelling last minute. This lady did not touch my head until just after 4pm and had the audacity to ask me why I kept leaving the shop. Every time I came back she was not ready. I had to get her assistant to wash and braid my hair up for a sew in. From a 12pm appointment I did not get out of there until after 7pm. I could've gone to my beautician for all the time spent there. Mind you I came on a Wednesday to get my hair done for Mother's Day to avoid the crowd. Once again my hair was VERY nice. So once again I gave her another chance and this was the last. I called a week prior to schedule my appointment the day before my anniversary. The day of the appointment she did not show up at all. When her coworker told her about me she said she didn't have any appointments today so she was handling business. I made it aware as to who I spoke with that made the appointment. After getting her phone number I called to reschedule directly. She gave me all kinds of apologies and told me she will be at her shop ready to take me at 10am sharp. I texted her at 9:24am and did not get a response. I called her a few minutes to find out she was still in the bed. I asked if she lives close enough to still be on time. She said yes. I then texted her to ask if her hair braider will be there before her so I can be all the way ready for my sew in. She texted back at 10:02 that her hair braider was on the way. I asked how long, she texted back "I'm driving." That response is more to type than "30 mins." 10:36am she comes strolling in with her assistant she picked up but claimed was coming before her. I said "you are late." Smiling she goes "yeah I know, I'm late." Why did I ever rely on her for such an occasion? I was supposed to have breakfast and lunch at home with my husband looking beautiful. Instead I was in the salon until 2pm the day of my anniversary and I was her only client the whole time. You think I got a sorry, discount or incentive? Nope!
Furthermore, the day of my anniversary another client called her around 11am and said she was on her way to get her hair done. The client showed up at 2pm and she asked her "what happened to 11?" Apparently her clients she kept knows how she is. If you have time to waste with inconsiderate people by all means you will not have an issue here. On top of it all she is a chatterbox! She talks to EVERYONE while she's doing hair. She even stops to tell stories with hand gestures.

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