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Pennsylvania, PA
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13. Jun 2017 at 2:55

Today, I went with my friend to the UPMC Presbyterian cafeteria (11th floor) and spilled some of my fountain drink on the checkout counter. The cashier at UMPC Presby shouted sternly at me, "You better not leave that mess there! You better clean that up!" as I was already wiping the countertop with paper napkins to contain the spill, even though it was not technically my job to do such a task at a cafeteria where I'm the customer. I felt humiliated at the way she shouted at me in front of all the doctors, nurses, researchers and patients in line, and it made me realize just how discriminatory people can be. Had I been a physician or professor in a white coat, or maybe just a bigger, more intimidating person in general, she probably would not have spoken at me in the same tone of voice. After we cleaned up the spill, she proceeded to overcharge the both of us for our meals, even though we clearly got items that were priced lower than what she inputed into the computer. But she took advantage of how embarrassed we were at the whole situation, to overcharge us. This lady could have just asked nicely and I would have gladly told her that I will clean up the spill I unintentionally made, but she chose to ruin my entire day by talking down to me. People who choose to work in the service industry should not have such an attitude during work hours, because it makes the rest of the staff, hospital and university look bad. I have no bad words to say about the hospital and University in general, but please don't go to this cafe if you can help it! But if you can't avoid it, try not to use the cashier I did (the older, bigger woman). She deserves to be fired!

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